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ABOUT GoodINKPressions

Who I am 

From the moment I made my first impression on a letterpress machine, I started to rediscover the pure joy and recreation of making things by hand.

The catalist of this pleasing change is a beautifully preserved Asbern proof press, that I was given by my partner as a very special and unforgettable birthday gift.

I am Nuria Enriquez, a graphic designer with a passion for paper and hand-crafted goods. Inspired by the printing process of this timeless craftsmanship, letterpress printing became a new journey of discovery and satisfaction that led to the creation of goodINKpressions.


The Product

Quality, craftsmanship, functionality, and inspiration in life.

goodINKpressions is a collection of vintage-styled notebooks that embraces all we stand for: finely craft products with a sense of wellbeing.

We use inspiring and thoughtful quotes printed on our notebooks. We truly believe in the ability of quotes to change, motivate and empower people. Positive thinking evokes more energy, optimism and drives action.

As the letterpress leaves a tactile impression into the paper, special crafted words can leave a powerful impression in our minds and be a great contributor to our lives.

At goodINKpressions we want to provide you with the most inspiring notebooks and add an extra dose of joyfulness into your everyday life.  



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